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Literacy in Nature - Trinity College

In this COVID world, families are at home together working, learning and managing as best they can in difficult circumstances. For UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April, Trinity College are celebrating and highlighting the opportunities in the every day lives of families for parents to support young children learning to read and write

Board Games

The Big List of Board Games that Inspire Mathematical Thinking

My OT & Me

Fun and interactive OT led programme

Read With Phonics

  • Lessons are turned into games

  • Each game gets progressively harder

  • Unlock a new sound with every level that is completed

  • Positive scoring to keep learners engaged

  • Create a love of reading, for life!

Libraries Ireland

Irish public libraries offer a wide range of services online and in local libraries.


Books, boxed sets, lesson plans, teaching ideas & resources plus more. Pupil workbooks, teacher's guides and learning resource

Seomra Ranga

Welcome to Seomra Ranga, the Hub for Primary School Resources. For the overseas visitors “Seomra Ranga” means “classroom” in the Irish language

Language Development

Many parents have sought advice on ways to support their children's oral language development at home. The following is an excellent document with tips and games. It has been developed by NEPS (National Educational Psychology Service). It may be helpful to some parents:)

Follow Me

'Follow Me'  is the Religious Education programme generally used in our school. It employs a spiral approach, where the child revisits stories, concepts and religious questions throughout their school lives. The programme also links in with the seasons of the Church Year, covering the key festivals of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost and other seasonal topics such as Harvest.  Please find the Introductory Leaflet here

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy. With actions for each of the 42letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children

Tusla - Parenting Skills

This booklet is one of a series called 'Parenting Postively'. 

Healthy Lunchbox Tips

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Help My Kid Learn

This website is packed full of ideas to help your child learn every day.

Webwise educates on safer usage of the Internet. Aimed at students, teachers and parents it also promotes the positive aspects of using the Internet and informs on how to deal with the risks.

Ask About Ireland

Providing lots of information and activities on History, Geography & Science broken down into class levels.


Providing a range of resources, worksheets, and project information for all subjects within the Irish primary curriculum broken down by class levels.


A database of Irish terms containing over 270,000 terms, searchable under both Irish and English versions.

Discover Primary Science

Discover Primary Science is a flagship project run by the Discover Science & Engineering (DSE) awareness programme. The programme aims to show children how important and fun science can be!

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